AviUtl – Free Editing Software

Hi everyone,

For my first blog post, I want to introduce this free editing software AviUtl. This software is only for Windows and there is no Mac version.

You can do basic editing and more with this software.

AviUtl is Japanese editing software created by KEN-kun. You can go to his website and download the latest version (for now, the latest version is “version0.99m,” click “aviutl99m.zip” and it will start downloading). Once you downloaded the file, extract it and you can use AviUtl without installing the program.

There are several bug reported, but the software gets updated frequently.

The software is very simple and it can do only the minimum in the beginning, but the strength of this software is that there are many plugins to increase its performance. The first step for English user is to get the English patches. You can download the patches from this website “AviUtl Tips and Tricks”.This Website also has a good explanation of how to use AviUtl. Once you downloaded the “full setting files package” from the website, extract the zip file and replace all the files in the folder to the AviUtl folder (do NOT put the full setting files package folder to the AviUtl folder. You only want the FILES). This “full setting files package” includes several other plugins as well, so if you want to stick with the default setting and menu, download the “english patches” below the package.

The default setting handles only AVI file, but AviUtl can handle more as you get the plugins. You can get different plugins from “AviUtl Tips and Tricks” and I will introduce more useful and helpful plugins later.

One of the most troublesome tasks in AviUtl is the sound. Although you can import the sound from the video, it doesn’t work most of the time. It is better to use a separated audio file and add the sound to the video. The problem of this separated sound adding is that AviUtl does NOT support many files (and not many audio support plugins…) and therefore, you want software that can convert the format of audio files. There are audio converter software you can get for free, so don’t worry. There is a page in About.com that introduces top 4 free MP3 Converters, so maybe you can choose it from there. I haven’t use any of the software on this page, but I will try some of them and review about.

For my next blog post, I will use AviUtl and make a short video. I will explain each step and with more details such as import/export setting, basic editing techniques, etc.

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