Cameras I want to get some day

Hi everyone,

Today, I want to talk about cameras. First of all, I don’t have my own camera, so I barrow it from my school. I usually use Canon kiss series, either x5 or x4. Of course x5 is a newer model and I prefer using x5, but I use x4 when x5 is not available. There are both good cameras especially for those of you who are just starting filmmaking. Although x5 is a newer model and seems like it has better performance, there aren’t many differences between x4 and x5. The biggest difference you can see is that x5 has a vari-angle monitor. A vari-angle monitor is a monitor you can flip and change monitor’s angle to any direction you want. A vari-angle monitor is useful when you set the camera below or above your eye level because you can adjust the monitor angle and don’t need to bend your entire body or to reach up to the monitor. There are other minor differences, but they won’t dynamically affect your shooting.

Sony HVR-A1J

(picture from Sony website,

Canon EOS kiss x5

(picture from the website Dejikame Watch,

Now, I want to talk about cameras that I want to buy. There are several cameras I like and I’m still thinking which one to get. I’m a poor student, so I’m not going to get a really nice and expensive camera. Something decent. A nice camera with a decent price.

The first choice is from Sony’s α series, SLT-A65VY known as α65. Of course I haven’t use the camera before, so I cannot write a review about this camera. Therefore, I will write the reasons why I want this camera. First of all, α65 has a high performance digital view finder called “XGA OLED Tru-Finder.” You don’t need to remember this finder system name, but it sounds cool to me. It sounds like it has a really special finder. According to Sony, α65 is the first camera to have this finder. The befit of this finder is that you can see setting details from the finder. The finder coverage is 100% which means that images you see from the finder will be exactly the same how the camera is going to record. It’s a nice finder, but the camera has a monitor, a vari-angle monitor…, so maybe you won’t use much. However, the best thing I like about this camera is the speed of its autofocus. Actually, I touched this camera when I went to a store. I played around and I was amazed how fast the camera focuses to objects. Well, the first impression I got was that the camera was pretty heavy. It was heavier than I was expecting. It’s not a bad thing, but it might be little uncomfortable to carry it around.

Sony SLT-A65VY, α65

(pictures from Sony website,

The next camera I want is Pentax K-30. This camera also has a good and fast autofocus, not as fast as α65, but I think it is fast enough. Also, this camera has a fast shutter speed (6 flames’/second). You can take clear pictures of objects that are moving fast with a fast shutter speed camera. However the most strength of K-30 is that the camera is rain-proof, dust-proof and it has a protection against the cold (-10C), so you can use K-30 in an extreme environment (not too extreme, of course). When you shoot in the rain, you don’t need to have an extra umbrella for your camera (again, not too extreme)! Also, it is a minor thing, but K-30 has many color variations and the design of the camera is really stylish. Crytal-blue, crystal-white and black are the regular colors, so you need to tell the store if you want a different color version. One of the reasons I really like about this camera is the design because usually DSLRs have similar designs and few color variations.

Pentax K-30

(picture from Pentax website,

These are the cameras I want to get in the future. Right now, I’m still saving my money…, but I’m almost there! I hope I can get a camera before this year ends. Let’s me know if you know other good cameras too.

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