Useful Filmmaking Websites

Hi everyone,

Today, I want to introduce some websites that I use for my filmmaking. I really enjoy reading these websites and they help my filmmaking a lot. Not only the filmmaking, but also to get information about new cameras and their software. Of course, there are numbers of filmmaking websites and you can find them easily on the Internet and everybody has a different style (similar, but different). The best way to find a website you really enjoy is by researching through the Internet. Maybe it takes time, but someday you will find a website that really entertains you. So far, these are the websites I follow now.

The first website I enjoy reading is the website called Videomaker. This website covers pretty much everything you need for your filmmaking. There are pages you want to read before you actually start your filming and pages that would help while you are shooting and of course, after you finish filming. Also, this website talks about cameras, equipment and software by posting their reviews. There are some video tutorials and there are easy to follow the steps. There is a lot of information in this website, so use the search bar effectively to find the information you want to get.

The next website is a youtube channel, so everything in here is a video. It is called Lights Film School (there is a website, too!) and as you can assume from the title, it is a filmmaking tutorial channel. The most beneficial thing about watching these tutorial videos is that they are easy to follow because they are visual. Well, this channel contains more words than other video tutorials, but this is because this channel is really academic. I studied most of the items in this channel in my university. It doesn’t have many videos (only 10 videos), but they are worth watching. The videos are not too long, so spend only 10 minutes before you go to bed. You can learn so many things about filmmaking. It doesn’t update frequently, but the quality of the videos (content-wise) is really good.

The next website is a blog called Learning DSLR VIDEO by Dave. My university professor introduced this blog to me and I just begun to follow the blog recently, but it has good contents. Dave is also an amateur filmmaker, but much more advanced filmmaker. He frequently updates his blog and he shares his mistakes and successes with his audience. Because he is also an amateur filmmaker and he sees a filmmaking as an amateur filmmaker’s vision, he helps other beginners and we make same and similar mistakes as him. He always tries to solve a problem when he makes a mistake, so I come to his blow when I face a similar problem. Also, you can enjoy watching his bonus videos if you sign up and these bonus videos are also interesting.

The last website I’m going to introduce is a Japanese website called DEJIKAME info. All the information in this website is in Japanese and most of the posts don’t have any picture and only the words, so I don’t know if this website would help you (most probably not…). However, I decided to write about this website because I enjoy reading it. This website doesn’t do anything about filmmaking, but focuses really close to cameras. I usually come to this website when I want to get camera information. There are only few pictures and too many advertisements in this website, but the website contains incredible amount of information.  Although each post only has 3 to 5 paragraphs, there are more than 4,000 posts in this website and they cover cameras and also their software and recent news about the cameras.

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