Film technique – tilt-shift technique


(picture by wmandra)

Hi, everyone

It is always fun to do something you never done before. It’s the same in a filmmaking. Today, I want to talk about this technique called a “tilt-shift technique.” It is an interesting technique that makes objects in pictures and videos like miniatures (for more information, click here). This technique goes good with photography, but even with videos, too. However, it is better to speed up the videos, so the moving objects in the videos look like unmovable objects that were shot in high-speed motion. Actually, it is a simple mechanism. Normally, you need to unfocused the edges of your pictures/videos to give the tilt-shift effect. It’s not always the edges, but it really depends on the visual structure of the pictures/videos. A tilt-shift effect matches better with wide shot pictures/videos because objects in the frame are smaller and can look more like miniatures. Also, a high angle makes s tilt-shift technique more effective, so it’s better to shoot from the top of a building or somewhere high enough to shoot the objects from the higher angle. There is a tilt-shift lens to shoot tilt-shift photographs and videos, but you can also add a tilt-shift filter to the pictures/videos by using editing software (a tilt-shift lens is pretty expensive, so some people make a tilt-shift lens from a cheap lens, too! It looks complicated, but if you are interested to make your own tilt-shift lens, click here). Now, I want to share some pictures and videos that use a tilt-shift technique.

Here are pictures from the websites Vincent Laforet, Baldheretic and Pattagon.You can see more picture, not only tilt-shift pictures, but other awesome pictures by clicking the links.

Don’t they look like miniatures? You can find more tilt-shift photography on google image, but here is the website that has 50 beautiful examples of tilt-shift photography.

This is the video I got impressed. It films the city of Rio de Janeiro and the Carnival there. It looks a high speed motion with small toys, especially the Carnival scene.

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