tilt-shift pictures

Hi everyone,

Do you remember about tilt-shift technique I posted before? Yes, a technique that makes pictures and videos like miniatures. As I said, it is always fun to do something new, so I tried it. It is a quit easy technique you can use especially for photography, so I used it to my pictures. I found two ways to do tilt-shift and both ways are free. I used free tilt-shift software. You can buy good software that can give you better tilt-shift effect without affecting a picture quality. However, because tilt-shift is a simple technique, free software also does a good job. Now, I will introduce both tilt-shift software and their pros and cons.

First of all, here are the original pictures I used. There are pictures from Yokohama, Odaiba, Kyoto and Hongkong. Odaiba & Yokohama pictures are recent pictures that I took couple weeks ago and Kyoto & Hongkong pictures are from last year. I took more pictures, but these are the pictures that fit good with tilt-shift technique. As you can see, all the pictures are shot widely, so the entire buildings would look like miniatures. My suggestion is to take pictures from a high angle. It is fine to use a picture from low angle, but it doesn’t match well with tilt-shift technique.

For the first tilt-shift, I used two software; cropper and mini-tune. You don’t need to install these software, so they are easy to use. Cropper is software to cut off pictures sides to make them square shape pictures, so you can use them in mini-tune. Mini-tune is the software that gives tilt-shift effect to your pictures it goes well with processed pictures from cropper (square-share & smaller picture size.) What does this software actually do is that it gradates the top and the bottom of the picture and makes the original pictures like miniatures. They are really easy software that you just need to drag pictures to the software and press export. You can make a tilt-shift picture in less than 10 seconds. Fast and easy. However, cropper and mini-tune can ruin a picture quality. They shrink the original pictures, so only can get small-sized pictures. They make pictures smaller, so the pictures look more like miniatures. They are easy and fast, but you need to give up your picture quality.

Next software is called tilt-shift studio. There is a pay version for this software, but I used the free version. I will write about the difference later in this paragraph. Tilt-shift studio is a really useful software that you can control your tilt-shift effect in your picture. For example, you can change your gradation strength, focus area, gradation area and gradation angle. Also, you can control your picture’s color contrast, so the picture looks more like a miniature.

The negative point about tilt-shift studio is that is adds its logo and website on your picture. You need to buy the software if you don’t want the logo and that is the only difference between pay version and free version of tilt-shift studio. Although the software adds its logo and website, tilt-shift studio is an useful software to add tilt-shift effect to your picture.

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